Air balloon

Een wolkenplafond met luchtballonnen geeft extra kleur en diepte. Luchtballonnen kunnen met bijna alle andere ontwerpen op onze website worden gecombineerd.

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Air balloon
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Layer system from ISOsky

Our cloud ceilings are made up of different layers.

  • A photo panel (4) consists of two plastic panels and a transparent film. The high-gloss panels ensure the best colour depth and a realistic representation of the design.
  • The LED panel (3) is placed about 3 centimetres above the photo panel with special T-clips (2). This creates a fully illuminated surface and ensures the LED panel is no longer visible.
  • The driver (1) supplies the LED panel with low voltage power. Our high-quality drivers ensure constant light that doesn't flicker.


Isosky layer system

Layer system ISOsky